We need your designs!

One of the coolest parts of our AFC Wimbledon sponsorship is the fact that we have a lot of advertising space (four boards around the pitch, one full sized page in the matchday programme) and those ads will be designed by nerdfighters, i.e., possibly, YOU!

We need to get the designs to AFC Wimbledon by next Friday so if you’re interested in creating an ad, all of the relevant info is below: 


Submit your design here by Wednesday, 11 December, 9pm EST

Text on the ads

  • The Nerdfighter Community: Helping AFC Wimbledon Get It Wimble-DONE! 
  • fightworldsuck.org

Hoarding Dimensions

  • 2 at 15ft x 3ft
  • 1 at 18ft x 4ft 
  • 1 at 13ft x 2ft

Programme Advert

  • B5 full page colour (9.8 x 6.9 inches)

Need some design inspiration? One of our favourite hoarding designs is this one:


Oh and thanks for the great slogan / mission statement, vivalostwages :)

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