Hey, Wimbly Womblys!

We need your help coming up with a slogan for the ads and boards that will be in the Match Day programme and around the stadium of the real AFC Wimbledon.

The format should be as follows: “The Nerdfighter Community: Helping AFC Wimbledon _______”

The _______ bit is where you come in. Ideally it would be something concise, specific, and positive that also gets across that we’re not violent against nerds or anything. If you can’t work all those things in, don’t worry, we’d love to hear what you have anyway!

Here is a question mark so that you can reply to this?

  1. programng101 answered: Decrease World Suck
  2. aranyaazul answered: The Nerdfighter Community: Helping AFC Wimbledon from the Internet.
  3. nr-ni answered: show the world that nerds can play. Or to remember that with great wisdom can also come great talent.
  4. benfootball answered: “The Nerdfighter Community: Helping AFC Wimbledon increase in awesome”
  5. rorierose answered: WIN. Or NOT FORGET TO BE AWESOME.
  6. samgrace42 answered: I like the ”staying awesome” one
  7. nighbrarian answered: “The Nerdfighter Community: Helping AFC Wimbledon Get Asissts on Awesome” …Get
  8. bloodspatteredguitar answered: raise youth to new heights.
  9. johngreensmoustache answered: decrease world suck, one wimbly womby step at a time.
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    The Nerdfighter Community: Helping AFC Wimbeldon Wimble Womble But Never Fall Down.
  11. you-arrogant-little-shit answered: llamas
  12. cleoramarie answered: These answers are pure gold!! I love the “To decrease world suck one goal at a time” And ” …with fake games for real results. “
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  14. holeycheese answered: to reach their full potential for awesome.
  15. vcrizzle answered: …stay awesome! (that way we don’t imply that they aren’t already awesome, but does imply that we are contributing)
  16. aslongaslmbreathing answered: continue being awesome?
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    …decrease world suck.
  18. emilyrhainandrews answered: They’re big, they’re tough, they’re decreasing world suck! The Wimbly Womblys, the Wimbly Womblys. ;)
  19. ihadthetimeofmylifewithyou answered: Fight World Suck and Become Top of the League!
  20. thechrisord answered: "toward love and glory"
  21. wwyg answered: "The Nerdfighter Community: Helping AFC Wimbledon decrease World Suck one goal at a time."
  22. echoesandripples answered: stay awesome // stay enthusiastic
  23. kateitron answered: achieve goals and help the world be a better place